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Edited by Randall M. Kessler

By Randall M. Kessler
The Daily Report

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Randall M. Kessler is the founder of Atlanta, Ga.-based Kessler & Solomiany LLC, a domestic relations boutique representing a variety of clients in domestic relations matters including athletes, celebrities, professionals, business leaders and dependent spouses or significant others.

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Family Law Forms

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Family Law Forms

Edited by Randall M. Kessler

More than 235 practice-oriented forms and sample letters from the library of Atlanta domestic relations boutique Kessler & Solomiany LLC. The anthology includes a CD-Rom linking to MS Word forms that can be customized for each firm and modified for each case.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 — Initial Pleadings

  • 1-001 Complaint for Annulment of Marriage

  • 1-001_Complaint for Divorce (uncontested no children)

  • 1-002_Complaint for Divorce (contested no children)

  • 1-003_Complaint for Divorce (uncontested with children)

  • 1-004_Complaint for Divorce (contested with children)

  • 1-005_Amended Complaint

  • 1-006_Answer and Counterclaim

  • 1-007_Answer Domestic Relations Intake Worksheet/Case Filing Form

  • 1-008_Verification

  • 1-009_Pauper's Affidavit

  • 1-010_Order on Poverty

  • 1-011_Affidavit of Non-Representation

  • 1-012_Note preceding Automatic Domestic Standing Order

  • 1-013_Automatic Domestic Standing Order

  • 1-014_Cover Letter to Court Clerk re: Filing [Document]

  • 1-015_Cover Letter to Client re: filing uncontested divorce

  • 1-016_Letter to Clerk re: filing uncontested divorce

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