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Technology FAQs     

Does KSS Family Law use technology?
Yes. At Kessler, Schwarz & Solomiany, P.C., we embrace technology. Our family law clients often benefit tremendously from our investment in technological resources to make communications easier, presentation of their case to a judge, jury, mediator, forensic account or other expert easier and to administer the significant paperwork in a much easier way than most firms.

Does KSS Family Law use Email?
Yes. We certainly use email. All of our attorneys, and paralegals have access to their email at their desktop and on their blackberry device.

What are some of the ways the firm uses email?
We use email for communication with clients, opposing counsel, the court, experts, witnesses, court reporters and just about anyone who may be involved in the case. Upon request, we can email you a PDF of documents in your case such as letters from opposing counsel and Orders when we receive them from the Court. We can also email your bill to you and accept credit card payments via email.

Does the firm use "Power Point" or similar presentation software?
Yes. We often use Power Point, or Corel Presentations, or TimeMaps to make presentations to the Court, the mediator or even opposing counsel if we think it will advance or simplify your case.

What other types of technology does the firm employ?
While we use too many different pieces of technology to list them all here, a sampling of how we rely on technology includes the following: Blackberry devices for communication when away from the office, notebook computers for each lawyer to take to court, depositions or mediations; portable printers, scanners, speakers and projectors, plasma televisions in certain offices to display settlement agreements during the revision process or to enlarge evidence such as videotapes or photographs; a paperless office system to allow storage of all documents in a case electronically which includes a scanner in each paralegal's office, automatic translation of each incoming facsimile into a PDF to be able to immediately forward the document to a client, expert or other involved person and many other technologies used for the administration of the firm.

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