Kessler on Professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Psychologists And Business Owners)

Professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Psychologists And Business Owners) FAQs     

Has KS represented or litigated against business owners?
Yes, quite frequently we are asked to represent business owners, or the spouse or significant other of a business owner. There truly are many types of businesses and many types of business owners. But one thing is certain, the business owner will know more about their business than we will, so we often employ experts to help understand and determine the value of the business and it's earnings. Often the spouse of the business owner is quite knowledgeable about the business which can save a lot of investigative costs. The key is to choose the right experts and to ask the right questions. When we represent the business owner, quick resolution may enable business to remain profitable and avoid a downturn by being embroiled in litigation. When we oppose a business owner, we strive to ensure there is complete disclosure and once that is done, settlement efforts are engaged unless and until it becomes clear that a settlement cannot be reached.

Has KS represented or litigated against doctors and medical professionals?
Yes, doctors are not immune to divorce and family law issues. The changing economy has severely impacted the medical community and medical professionals. While the medical profession is not the same as it was years ago, there is still a wide array of jobs and incomes and compensation variations. Once the details are made clear, via discovery or the use of experts, our job is to bring resolution, via settlement, negotiation, or trial if needed.

Has KS represented or litigated against lawyers?
Yes, even though lawyers may seem to be the ones most likely to be able to resolve a case such as divorce on their own, there is an old saying "A Lawyer who represents him or herself has a fool for a client". This is because it is very hard to be objective in one's own case. Yes most lawyers understand the risk and cost of trial and most lawyer's divorce and family law cases are resolved out of court, but many are not. There are many variables in a lawyer's income, especially in this economy. Once a reasonable projection of income can be determined, a case should be resolved if at all possible. But sometimes that is not possible and a trial is needed.

Has KS represented or litigated against accountants?
Yes. In such cases, it is almost always imperative to obtain a neutral financial expert to determine the income and finances so that both parties have equal knowledge about the finances of the relationship. Sometimes this is not needed (for instance, where both sides are CPAs or financial experts), but often a third party can quickly summarize the information for the non-financially trained party and thereby give him or her confidence to settle on an informed basis.

Has KS represented or litigated against psychologists?
Yes. Psychologists cases can, like most cases, be easy to resolve, or quite difficult. Most psychologists understand how valuable peaceful resolution is and strive hard to resolve their case peacefully. But, like all other people, some psychologists see things one way and their spouse or partner sees it another way. When this happens, we try very hard to resolve matters through the use of expert mediators which often works. But just like any other situation, if things cannot be resolved out of court, we are ready, willing and able to present the case to the court for resolution.

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