Parent Coordinators FAQs     

What is a Parenting Coordinator?
Generally, a parenting coordinator is a specifically trained mental health or legal professional who assists parents formulate and follow a parenting plan that works for the parents and is in their children’s best interests. Parenting coordinators also can help the parties resolve disputes with regards to their parenting plan. Sometimes, with agreement of the parties or Court Order, a parenting coordinator can make decisions to help resolve issues between the parties as it relates to their parenting and the parenting plan.

Can a Parenting Coordinator be Assigned?
Yes, usually with the consent of both parties, the Court will appoint a parenting coordinator. But the parties can always agree to utilize a parent coordinator even without a Court Order.

Do Parenting Coordinators offer legal advice?
No, that is not their role.

Can Parenting Coordinators make decisions that would change custody or substantially modify the parenting plan?

Can a Parenting Coordinator also serve as a Guardian ad Litem in the same case?
No, a parenting coordinator should not serve as a guardian ad litem in a case, or any other capacity for that matter other than solely as the parenting coordinator (i.e. a party’s attorney or a custody evaluator).

Where can I locate a Parenting Coordinator?
Ask your family law attorney for a recommendation and get more than one name. If you can, meet with each of the referred professionals to see which one you like best.

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