David G. Sarif on Technology at KSS

Law Office Technology FAQs     

Is it alright to e-mail my attorney?
Yes, and we encourage our clients to contact us through e-mail. At KSS, our attorneys aim to be available and accessible to clients. For this reason, attorneys check e-mails regularly when they are in the office and each attorney has a PDA (Blackberry or Iphone) in order to check e-mails and view documents when they are out of the office.

Will I need to come to your office often?
No. Other than the initial consultation (and even this may be by telephone if needed) and occasions in which you will need to make a court appearance or attend a deposition, which usually is done in person, you will rarely need to come to our office. KSS is equipped with technology to transmit documents and information electronically, not only as part of our efforts to become a "greener" company, but also to hasten the time it takes to communicate with our clients. We will normally send correspondence to you by e-mail in pdf. format so that you may save all of our correspondence and attachments electronically. Moreover, if you prefer, you can simply download information to a USB/Flash drive or mail any relevant documentation to us without having to personally deliver it to our office.

In what ways is KSS more technologically advanced than the average family law firm?
KSS strives to keep up with advancing technology. For example, if your case goes to trial, we sometimes prepare a succinct PowerPoint presentation to assist the court or jury. Such presentations are highly effective as they provide visual representations to explain to the judge or jury the complexities of each individual case. In addition, very few law firms store and transmit their documents electronically. The software we use allows each attorney to easily access important documentation, and therefore another KSS attorney can assist you if you need immediate attention and your attorney is out of the office.

How does KSS employ technology to help me as a client?
The best example of KSS leadership in technology is our firm's website, which is located at www.kssfamilylaw.com. On our website, you will find a large amount of helpful information. Not only do we have biographies and information on our attorneys and staff, but each attorney has prepared a short video presentation introducing themselves. This allows you as a client to become familiar with your attorney before meeting with him or her, and to help you decide if there is a particular attorney that you believe is a good fit for you and your situation. Further, our website provides videos of the senior partners making various presentations on family law issues and includes copies of seminar papers and publications which detail issues that may be relevant to your case. Please take a few minutes to navigate our website.

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