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What is a "High Profile Client"?
While there is no official definition of a "High Profile Client", we consider that term to apply to those individuals in whom the public or the media show a heightened interest.

What do you different for "High Profile Clients"?
Each client is unique and deserves to be treated as our most important client. Such service is our goal. High profile representation does not mean that some clients are more important than others. What it does mean is that we handle each case individually based on the specific issues of the case and the unique concerns of the particular client. Some "High Profile Clients" have unique time needs which may require us to work with or through representatives such as agents and advisors. Other unique needs may include specialized visitation arrangements or complex financial resolutions. We strive to accomplish a complete resolution which will address our client's needs and concerns, whether the client is a high profile individual or not.

Do you charge more when you represent "High Profile Clients"?

Are most of your clients "High Profile"?
No. While we are privileged to represent many high profile and successful individuals, the vast majority of our clients are very private and unknown to the press and the public. However, many of our clients are very well known within their industry and their community.

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