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Financial Affidavits FAQs     

What is the Financial Affidavit?
The Financial Affidavit is the foundation upon which all divorce settlements or trial results are built. Each party is required to prepare and submit the Financial Affidavit per Georgia’s Uniform Superior Court Rules. This sworn document is a financial budget for each party. The court will use it to balance the income and expenses of each party to help determine child support, spousal support/alimony, and the separation of assets and liabilities in order to attain an equitable settlement.

When should I start to fill out the Financial Affidavit?
It is recommended that you start working on your financial affidavit as soon as possible, as it may take longer to complete than you anticipate.

Where can I see what the Financial Affidavit looks like?
There is a Financial Affidavit form on our firm’s website. To find it, click on Resources, then Client Forms, or click the following link: .

How do I accurately reflect a monthly expense such as electricity, for example, that may be higher at one time during the year, and lower during another?
If an expense such as electricity, for example, is higher in the summer because the A/C is running all the time, then you should take your estimated total yearly electric bill and divide by 12 to obtain a more accurate picture of that particular expense for the Financial Affidavit.

When does the Financial Affidavit have to be submitted?
It must be submitted technically at the time you request a hearing, or, if you are on the other side, then five days before the hearing.

Once I prepare a Financial Affidavit, can it be revised?
Yes, you may, and should update your Financial Affidavit as circumstances change.

Who can help me prepare the Financial Affidavit?
Anyone may help you. If you have a Certified Public Account who is familiar with your financial situation, that may be a good person to help you. Your lawyer and their staff can also help you by reviewing it and answering any questions you may have.

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